Prologel 6 Ounce / 177mL Bottle Clear Gel (Registered for human use)

  • $97.00

New formula for 2020! This is made in America and combines Dr Howard Rosen's knowledge of prolotherapy, neural prolotherapy, anesthesiology, and biochemistry. It is thought to act directly on group C nerve fibers, which are responsible for long-term nociception. The ingredients in Prologel help to soothe pain associated with these nerve endings, instead of the counter - irritant mode employed by many topical analgesic products. 

Please note this does not have Lidocaine in the ingredients. Shipped in Australia with express post and tracking. 6Oz bottle is plastic sealed so you know you are getting the full amount. 

Great for neuropathy and superficial nerve syndromes. See instructions on the American website.