Better Earthing Grounding Bed Universal Undersheet

  • $319.00

Universal Under Sheet Designed and Made in Australia by Better Earthing

The only manufacturer in Australia to give a 2-year warranty on effective earthing life

  • This earthing bedding is designed as an under sheet so you can still use your favourite bed sheets on top. It is designed to go on one side of a double or bigger bed or across any sized bed to contact enough of the body to create an earthing effect.
  • Gently powerful and long-lasting – less ‘wear’ and washing due to our underlay design.
  • Our custom fabric using premium silver coated fibre from France that’s made by one of the world’s best suppliers.
  • It contains 7,500 kilometres of silver fibre per square metre for reliable earthing conductivity.
  • 2 Year Repair or Replace Warranty (plus find out why you need a warranty on earthing effectiveness).

BONUS!!! Australia Only:

Get a free natural shape Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp 1-2kg with the Universal Undersheet. Make your sleep even better!

Product Description

Our Universal Undersheet is made from earthing fabric woven from 99.9% pure silver coated fibres. The fabric is soft and metallic-grey in colour. You can clearly see the silver threads. The dotted pattern ends are 100% cotton.

Regular earthing sheets use 3% silver coated fibres in their earthing fabric composition.

Better Earthing earthing fabric contains 15-20 times more silver coated fibre and uses the highest quality French silver fibre. The fabric composition is silver coated fibre (50%) and Tencel (50%). Tencel is a natural fibre manufactured from fast-growing, sustainably farmed Eucalypt trees via a trademarked process that minimises waste.

The earthing section of our silver/ Tencel universal undersheet is 1.9 m long by 1.00 m wide, with 75 cm cotton ends for tucking under the mattress. This holds the undersheet securely in place.