Weight Loss System

We have a natural weight loss service that arranged in modules.

The first module is a 30 day cleanse to get you fast results and prepare you for exercise and our ultimate nutrition regime.

The other module is education of our long term Ultimate Nutrition System for a healthy lifestyle. This is used after the 30 day cleanse.

Please go to our 30 day cleanse page to start, you can see some results below too:

This is a 30 day result where you can see the typical reduction of fat and improved texture of skin. This client lost 5kg and had an improved blood pressure from 140 / 90 mm/Hg to 120 / 80 mm/Hg in the first 30 days.



We also have results for older clients to display. Below is a 74 year old client who lost 6kg in 3 weeks of the cleanse. Again you can see the weight is not lost through dehydration or muscle wasting, it comes from the abdomen which is the most important place to lose excess fat.


CLICK HERE TO GO TO BUY THE 30 DAY CLEANSE. After you get through the first 3 weeks you can start preparing to transition to our longer term program that is more food based with optional supplements.

To only get balancing with supplements please do the surveys here.