30 Day Cleanse Pack

If you are looking for a jump start on your weight loss or freshen up your internal systems then this is a great way to begin.

Everything you need to do this is laid out in a system with all materials and supplements except one meal a day and snacks included. Just follow the booklet for success.

Research studies from 2012 at University of Illinois at Chicago were published in 2 peer reviewed journals Nutrition & Metabolism and Nutrition Journal. The program you can buy here was compared to nationally recognised guidelines of limiting calories by 20 to 25 percent daily, limiting total fat to 35 percent, limiting cholesterol intake, and increasing intake of fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

The results were that using the program we have here, subjects in the study lost average of 56 percent greater reduction in body weight, 47 percent greater reduction of body fat, and more than twice the reduction of visceral fat compared to the national guideline subjects.

This is particularly interesting as both groups were also employing intermittent fasting which in itself is seen as a good weight loss method.


The pack includes:

2 Meal replacements a day



Recipe suggestions

Booklet to follow and record progress on the system

Online videos to understand as much as you want


There is even a 30 day money back guarantee so you can rest assured. To start then follow the link below to the ordering site and enter your details after selecting your preferred flavours. The program is from as little as $12 a day.


TIP: You can save even more if you sign up with a joining fee for monthly reorders that you can cancel at any time!