Better Earthing Grounding Fitted Bed Undersheet - QUEEN SIZE

  • $419.00

Queen Size Fitted Bed Under Sheet Designed and Made in Australia by Better Earthing

The only manufacturer in Australia to give a 2-year warranty on effective earthing life

  • This earthing bedding is designed as an under sheet so you can still use your favourite bed sheets on top.
  • Gently powerful and long-lasting – less ‘wear’ and washing due to our underlay design.
  • Our custom fabric using premium silver coated fibre from France that’s made by one of the world’s best suppliers.
  • It contains 7,500 kilometres of silver fibre per square metre for reliable earthing conductivity.
  • 2 Year Repair or Replace Warranty (plus find out why you need a warranty on earthing effectiveness).


Get a free natural shape Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp 1-2kg with the Queen Size Undersheet. Make your sleep even better!

Product Description

Sewn in Australia using earthing fabric made with 99.9% pure silver coated fibre. The side skirting is 100% cotton. The fit is generous to suit deep mattresses and those with an additional soft top.

Earthing Fabric with 50% Silver / 50% Tencel

Tencel is a strong natural fibre that is sustainably produced from Eucalypt trees in Austria using an eco-friendly process. We use Tencel that is undyed and unbleached – it is a natural white colour before being woven with the silver. The grey-silver appearance in our fabric comes entirely from the silver fibres. If you look closely, you can actually see the silver threads in this fabric.

More about our Earthing Undersheet design:

Better Earthing Sleep Systems are the first Australian designed earthing sleep systems to work through bed clothing and the fitted sheet you directly sleep on. NO direct skin contact is needed. The tiniest amount of body moisture or humidity in your clothes and sheets, compressed by your body weight, creates conductive channels that very effectively pass earth from your Better Earthing Sleep system.

By not sleeping directly against your earthing undersheet, the silver fibre is protected from body oils, which can impair conductivity. This helps make for a long-lasting product.