Thoracic Pain due to Scoliosis
Case: This 33 year old patient had constant pain (at arrow) made worse with any significant movement of the torso. Chiropractic care: 3 months of chiropractic care with our Chatswood chiropractor of a moderately intensive schedule was given and our prescribed core posture corrective exercises were done on average 3 times per week.

 Thoracic scoliosis 1 before adore life         Thoracic scoliosis 1 after adore life

BEFORE: A big 15mm displacement of the spine and ribcage     AFTER: Minor displacement from central line

Results: Chiropractic examination revealed a great move towards being structurally and functionally sound. Symptoms are virtually absent in correlation with the postural improvement.

Note: Now that there is overall balance, next is to reduce the deviation of the spine in the middle of the after image which is due to an old trauma. The before image has gas in the stomach and is not to be mistaken with a muffin as some people have thought :-)


Posture Correction

Case1: This 73 year old gentleman was previously seeing a chiropractor for maintenance of major damage to the C5 disc and major spondylosis at C4/5 & C5/6 vertebral junctions. There is also major damage to L4 disc and a retrolisthesis (backward shift) of the L4 and L5 vertebrae. He was interested in improving posture. Chiropractic care: Exercises were performed daily and chiropractic adjustments were on a moderately intensive schedule with our chiropractor in the Willoughby council precinct.

Before & After 73 yr old

Results: The photos are approximately 3 months apart after good adherance to our exclusive core posture correction program. The head position improved from 7cm forward to 5cm forward. The shoulder alignment has improved to bring the red line almost on the black line and the pelvis has returned 1cm backwards which has helped the abdominal muscles engage better to give the appearance of abdominal weight loss even though the weight was the same.

Note: Remember, even if you have damage in your spine, or if people think you are 'too old' to change, you still have the ability to improve your body which will help to preserve your quality of life as you age.


Case2: This 29 year old reported chronic low back pain and neck pain aggravated by a lot of desk work. He had the typical postural syndrome of many office workers so he undertook a chiropractic and exercise program. His time limits reduced the desired frequency of chiropractic and exercises.

Poor Posture Chiropractic Correction

Chiropractic Care: The patient had chiropractic adjustments on a mild frequency for 3 months and exercised about twice per week on average. Results: 3 months of care has given about 30% correction of the forward head carriage and pelvic displacement. There is noticible improvement in posture which would enable better performance of lungs, shoulders as well as achieving a healthier spine. In both photos the patient was asked to stand looking straight ahead. While this improvement is satisfactory, it can only be speculated how much better the improvement would have been on a more intensive program of care. The patient is satisfied with a major reduction of low back and neck symptoms.



Case: This 22 year old had sciatica for 1.5 years which had initially partly improved with a chiropractor in Melbourne. Later there was slow improvement from 4 months of physiotherapy followed with 1.5 months of Pilates. There was a big relapse after the Pilates so 4 months ago surgical intervention was being considered for the L5/S1 herniated disc that was confirmed on MRI. CT guided steroid injection only reduced the low back pain but didn't resolve the sciatica down the leg. Chiropractic Care: Exercises from our core spinal postural correction program were performed 3 times per week on average and chiropractic manipulations (adjustments) were given on a moderately intensive schedule with our chiropractor at Darlington campus.

 Sciatica front view       Sciatica side view

Results: In just over 2 months the mild scoliotic curve in the thorax and shoulder symmetry seen from the front are 50% better as well as there being a dramatic postural improvement when seen from the side. His sciatica is 90% resolved, flexibility is the best it has ever been for 2 years and he can play football (soccer) again due to the improved mechanics and loading of the spine. Further progress is currently being achieved.

Note: There are many different techniques used by chiropractors so if one chiropractor doesn't give you a great result, you may be able to acheive a better result with a different chiropractor. If you want to achieve your best health then chiropractic is one cornerstone for that, it's just a matter of finding which chiropractor is best for you.