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adore life - Family Chiropractic WellnessWe help families achieve premier health through a wellness lifestyle
A family has to communicate and coordinate together in order to function well. So too, the different parts of your body need to communicate and coordinate together seamlessly for your best health.

You probably know about having a balanced diet for your digestive tract and a fit cardiovascular and muscular system, but what about system that coordiates your body? Just as your optometrist manages your eyes and your dentist maintains your teeth, your chiropractor manages and maintains your spine, joints and nervous system. And it's the nervous system that is the master control system for your digestion, heart, lungs, muscles and so much more. It's imperitive that your nervous system is working well and without interference from your spine if you want to be considered healthy.

So it's an intelligent choice to have a health strategy that takes care of not just the parts of you that look important but instead a health strategy that takes care of all the parts of you that are important. And Wellness is all about getting the most out of yourself to enjoy the true richness of life.

adore life - Sports ChiropracticWe help sports people access premier performance and prevent injury
Research shows that chiropractic added to the regular sports team's health professionals reduces the incidence of some major injuries. Top sports people such as Usian Bolt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Webber, Venus Williams and many more rely on chiropractors to access their full potential.

Athletes know when therapies work and it stands chiropractic in good stead that they keep coming back whether NRL, basketball, athletics or most other sports. Within chiropractic techniques we provide Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) which is a requirement for practitioners working with elite sports teams in America. For sports injuries, A.R.T. gets results where other techniques don't.

Your first visit:
If you are looking for a at chiropractor Sydney University, then get in touch for an in depth assessment with the Sydney University Chiropractor in which we make use of new technology on the market. We would love to be part of giving you a comprehensive program to take control of your health. Healthy body and healthy mind gives healthy life, so start with adore life.

Bring previous x-rays and other scans, however, we may still need to refer you for x-rays (which are charged on Medicare). You can start by clicking on our exclusive free assessment of your case at the top left of this page. You can bring a family member if you like. Your parent / guardian should be with you if you are still school aged.

The new technology used by the Chiropractor at Sydney University involves a bio-structural examination with precision provided by algorithms that allow us to analyse your posture with high detail. We can then produce a computer assisted, custom prescribed exercise program for you. This is a key component for achieving ideal posture. So be prepared for our bio-structural examination by having gym clothing or bikini for females (see examples below) and tighter style shorter leg shorts for males. All of your data is secured to comply with the Privacy Act and will not be distributed without your consent.

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adore life - Dr Jeremy HammondDr Jeremy Hammond
Dr Jeremy Hammond is a chiropractor at the University of Sydney accredited with the Chiropractors' Association Australia and the Australasian College of Chiropractors. He has gained a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University, Sydney and has continually undertaken postgraduate chiropractic education on a yearly basis. These areas of specialised interest are in nutrition and weight loss, orthotics, chiropractic functional neurology, chiropractic paediatrics, Webster technique and pregnancy chiropractic. Since 2000 Dr Jeremy Hammond has been in private practice, mostly as the chiropractor at the Sports Clinic at the University of Sydney until establishing his own clinic at the University of Sydney. Other experience has included being a sports chiropractic supervisor at the Sydney World Masters Games and the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker Event.

Dr Yohan ChoiDr Yohan Choi
Yohan completed his Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. He also has a bachelors degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from UTS and is a member of the Chiropractic Association of Australia. Yohan developed a keen interest in back disorders during his studies at UTS which made him pursue further studies in chiropractic. Yohan's specialty has always been spine assessment and treatment for posture related shoulder and back disorders and low back disc injuries. 
He is a strong advocate for spine health through chiropractic care together with core fitness.

adore life - Mariko SuzukiMariko Suzuki
Mariko Suzuki is a massage therapist in Sydney University to help you with your mind and body. She studied reflexology in Japan and completed her massage diploma in Sydney. She continues her eductation with regular seminars. She is dedicated to the best results with the least pain after the experience she has built up from her previous work with an acupuncture clinic. Relaxation massage is a forte for her along with functional / sports massage. She does lymphatic drainage, pregnancy and remedial massage. She also enjoys yoga and Pilates as well as travelling.

adore life - Ayu IgarashiAyu Igarashi
Ayu Igarashi is a massage therapist at Sydney University helping you to achieve premier health. She has been a degree accredited naturopath since 2009 with experience as an 'in store' naturopath at health food stores in Sydney and Canberra. Ayu is now also concentrating on massage therapy after graduating in from nature care college. She can do deep tissue massage, sports massage, remedial massage as well as lymphatic drainage and pregnancy massage. She has been a long time participant in tai chi and yoga and enjoys the outdoors.


Medicare and private health insurance recognise our practitioners as they are certified and registered. Our chiropractors are registered with the same Australian registration board that regulates medicine, physiotherapy, osteopathy, podiatry, psychology etc. We have chiropractic natural healthcare and wellness care for neck complaints (such as headaches, migraine, neck pain, wry neck), thorax conditions (rib pain, back pain, back ache, scoliosis) and abdominal problems (disc bulge, sciatica, ' slipped disc ', joint sprain, scoliosis) and we also focus on sports injury, sports performance, and preventative healthcare (including osteoarthritis prevention). For over a decade, Dr Jeremy Hammond has been practising as a qualified chiropractic doctor and is a Chiropractors' Association of Australia member. We have massage therpay for similar conditions if you need Camperdown massage, Glebe massage, Forrest Lodge massage, Newtown massage, Darlington massage, Redfern massage, Ultimo massage, Broadway massage, Chippendale massage and Sydney University massage. We have qualified massage therapists who are registered for remedial massage, pregnancy massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, muscle energy technique, myofascial release as well as trigger point therapy.