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Wellness is a modern term to describe high performance and healthy balance of a person's mind, body and spirit.

Wellness recognises the synergy between the mind, body and spirit and seeks to establish and strengthen the capacity to have 100% function in these areas despite outside conditions.

There is mounting evidence that mental disharmony, mental stress and mental illness affects a person's physical health. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that spiritual disharmony (or some would call it spiritual sickness) has a negative mind and body effect. And more commonly recogised is the effect of insufficient physical health on the mind and spirit for example how well can you think if you have constant back pain, how spiritual can you be while having a headache? So strengthening the "fitness" of any of the 3 areas can have a positive flow on effect to the other 2 areas. Altogether, when each area is fit, that individual should be robustly living a fulfilling, successful and purposeful life for a complete existence while alive (and potentially afterwards too depending on what spiritual path they have taken).

For example, look at the photo above here and put yourself in the man or woman's shoes. It might be a gloomy and cold winter day but you still feel positive, fulfilled and want to share love with people important to you so you go to the beach and play soccer with your family or friends even though other people say you should stay indoors and watch TV. You are fit so you feel energised playing the physical game to a high level for a length of time, you enjoy the challenge of skill and strategy of playing the game and you feel connected with yourself and family as well as whatever spiritual path you follow due to the gratefullness you have for spending such time.

Wellness has been a shift away from the traditional medical sickness paradigm which focuses on combating germs for instance and sees someone as healthy if they don't show signs of sickness. Wellness is about a whole human performing to their optimal function which in turn reduces the risk of sickness taking hold. Some medical critics of wellness say it is merely another term for homeostasis which is the property of a system to regulate variables so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant despite variations outside the system. This is incorrect on two points, the first of which is in that this tends to focus on the physical balance of the body unlike wellness which is also concerned with the mind and spirit as well as the body. The second point is that a homeostasis might be weak or shallow and easily disturbed, for example an unfit person might be relatively unaffected internally by walking at several speeds, slow, medium and fast, but as soon as they have to sprint their rapid build up of lactic acid and oxygen depletion shows that their system had balance but not a lot of tolerance.


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This essentially boils down to the question of "Who do you want to be?".

In a world increasing filled with various types and levels sickness, you have to fight for your inborn right to wellness. More people are appreciating these days that life is not about just surviving or struggling to get by but rather it is about getting the most out of life and experiencing the richness that life has to offer. Whether that's swimming with dolphins, raising a strong family, having a clear relationship with God or even giving a big lump sum of money to charity after achieving career or business success. As humans, we are designed to be fit, vital and full of positive action. Once you live a wellness lifestyle then there's only one answer to whether it was worth achieving that.

If you want to be the person who is energetic, healthy, sharp of mind and has great relationships into their 80's then you need to minorly be advantaged by genetics and majorly be advantaged by your lifestyle and environment. You are the custodian of your mind, body and spirit, so doing the right sorts of things that lead to the maintenance of your vitality and youthful essence will mean you can be the sort of person that epitomises wellness.

It's clear that Western civilisation is not producing the high performance health in the 21st century that was dreamed about 100 years ago. For example, America and Australia have over 60% of its citizens overweight, lifestyle diseases are on the rise, more people have at least one chronic disease and the cost and burden of disease plus the ever increasing medical expenditure is economically unsustainable. 100 years ago it was thought that modern lifestyle, medical research and technology would provide a nirvana for physical health and society but while some research has provided definite benefits, overall, we are a stressed and fearful culture that misses out on accessing our innate wellness due to the lack of belief in nature and its millenia honed processes. We are designed to have fabulous lives with a mixture of hard work, love, purpose, vitality, faith, and a whole bunch of other supurlatives that people instinctively name when thinking of an ultimate existence freed from the problems, distractions and frustrations of the life we already know. The point of wellness is to access and emphasise nature's in built systems and create a more optimal environment on the outside so that the common problems of modern life are less evident and ideally not present.

The foundation for wellness is at least one teacher (doctor, practitioner, leader etc) that can guide the start of the process of becoming well in mind, body and soul. We obviously focus on the body with our service and what we bear in mind is a quote: “The superior physician helps before the early budding of the disease. The inferior physician begins to help when the disease has already developed.” Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, Huang Ti Nei Ching Su Wen, 2697-2597 BC. At a time when we have decoded the complex sequences in our genes, we have yet to decipher the simple balances within ourselves. We treat aging as a bemoaning not a becoming. We have trampled our own time-tested truths in a frantic and flawed race against the clock. For which we have paid a terrible price - trading wisdom for wealth, awareness for appearance, and mastery for the momentary. The task is to chase the darkness of doubt out with the light of insight. This is what we aim to help you do.


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Where we have gone wrong is by changing and / or underutilising too much of nature's natural systems and processes.

Bringing out the natural performance of the human is not a singular effort as we have many systems and layers to our being. There have been discoveries, developments and inventions related to this ranging from ancient art forms such as yoga to modern technology such as DNA repair through oral supplementation. What we have done in our clinic is bring them together into a strategy for wellness.

The main techniques we use are listed below and with our inital assessment we identify which methods will be useful for you to gain your full wellness. Other factors might arise which may require referral to other health professionals or even to online training programs. Your view should not be so muc on a particular technique but on how your body is designed and function and from here which techniques are going to recover and support your natural wellness. The power always resides in your body and therapies / techniques just access or inflence it and in some cases (like what drugs do) control it.

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Chiropractors are commonly seen as having the pivotal role to wellness as they have a 120 year history (since 1895) of maximising the inbuilt health of the individual.

Chiropractors are diagnostic and are qualified & registered to take & interpret x-rays. They are registered with government health regulatory bodies in numerous countries such as Canada, England, Italy, New Zealand, the United States and of course Australia too. Typically private health insurance on Workers Compensation and with some circumstances medicare will part or fully fund chiropractic care for individuals. There have been several government studies into chiropractic, such as the Magna Report in Canada and the Chiropractic Report in New Zealand, which have found great benefit to the community by the application of chiropractic.

Overall, going to the chiropractor should provide expectation that you will have a highly qualified (5 year university degrees) health professional using the combination of modern sciences (radiology, neurology, orthopaedics, biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise rehabilitaton, physical therapy and medical differential diagnosis) in conjunction with natural and manual methods under a philosophy that the body has the ability to self regulate and heal (within reason) if it has barriers and limitations removed from its 100% function.

In practice the chiropractor will look for the flaw in your body's mechanisms that is producing pain, sickness or sub-optimal performance. Then, instead of trying to overlay a chemical to stop the symptom or just strengthen a muscle to compensate for the problem, the care is focused at removing the source of distortion to neural function or restoring proper mechanics by addressing the integrated neuromusculoskeletal function.

With the emphasis of the role of the nervous system in maintaining, regulating and modifying body wellness, chiropractic typically has a lot of focus on the spine due to the rich neural integration with it and the myriad of mechanical dysfunctions that occur there due to injuries and modern lifestyle. Please follow the link for our Chiropractor Sydney


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The poignant quote from Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, is "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". It's easy to shug that off and think that food is more for taste or to stop you feeling hungry but when you start to make specific changes to the average Australian's food there are a multitude of positive changes that occur.

The way food is grown, the types of products available to eat and the influence of vested interest bodies has made it a mine field if you want to have good nutrition these days. Fortunately, there are people who have stayed with traditional methods or have found solutions to the nutritional maze we encounter. So good food and nutrition are definitely possible as long as you know what you need to do. This is where we want to help you.

There are hundreds of diets to follow from easy to difficult in sustainability and simple to complex in implementation. Cost is also a factor. We have amassed information from the ground up (what were we biologically evolved to eat and what elements are most necessary to maximise physiology or in other words, body function) and from the modern research that constantly churns around the world.

The focus is on what to avoid, what foods to base your diet around, which foods can boost factors relevant for you and the additional things that you can add to maximise your system. It's also important to work out what is best for your body so things like allergies and intolerance may shape your diet in a different balance to our other members.


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Massage has been around for thousands of years and there are many massage techniques that you will find around the world. The common factor is the application of touch to assist with body healing.

Surprisingly, while massage can get rid of 'knots' from muscles and help recovery after exercise and even be therapeutic in helping reduce and remove specific symptoms, there is also a psychological benefit from massage. In particular, stress can be improved substantially even after just one session of massage therapy.

The main techniqes massage therapists graduate with in Australia are remedial massage, Swedish massage (effleurage), sports massage, deep tissue massage (including trigger point therapy), lymphatic drainage massage and relaxation massage. Also proven to be very useful for functional solutions but mainly studied after graduation are myofascial release technique and a chiropractic variation of that called Active Release Techniques or A.R.T. massage. Click the following link for massage Sydney.


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Anyone can tell you that fitness is a component to heatlh and especially wellness. But as science continues to test various methods of conditoning the body the results have sometimes been surprising as to what is necessary to become fit.

A lot of people still think that fitness is achieved by running marathons or by spending hours in a gym but today we are more aware that becoming fit is a finer set of requirements. In particular it has been shown that intensity rather than duration is a key component as to whether a session of exercise will leave a positive effect on the body for conditioning but also weight loss and for anti-aging. So with a more intense type of training you can achieve in half an hour what you might think it took more than an hour to do.

This is improtant as we are living longer and there are still resonable amounts of patients receiving poor outcomes from joint replacments. It's better to wear your body less during weekly exercise so overall you can have more weeks, months and years training before you become a potential joint replacement candidate. So some sports like endurance events will put you at more risk of long term joint wear and tear compared to more intense but technique focused resistance exercise. We want you to have longevity not just capability in your fitness.

As with having the best massage for stress relief, exercise also has mental benefits as well as physical ones. Stress relief, confidence and release or other hormones due to exercise are of great use for your wellness. Getting fit could also be a social affair for you too which is of course good for you psychology. When you boil it down we are designed to move and innately we get many multifactorial benefits from the right kind of exercises in a fitness regime.



Medicare and private health insurance recognise our practitioners as they are certified and registered. Our chiropractors are registered with the same Australian registration board that regulates medicine, physiotherapy, osteopathy, podiatry, psychology etc. We have chiropractic natural healthcare and wellness care for neck complaints (such as headaches, migraine, neck pain, wry neck), thorax conditions (rib pain, back pain, back ache, scoliosis) and abdominal problems (disc bulge, sciatica, ' slipped disc ', joint sprain, scoliosis) and we also focus on sports injury, sports performance, and preventative healthcare (including osteoarthritis prevention). For over a decade, Dr Jeremy Hammond has been practising as a qualified chiropractic doctor and is a Chiropractors' Association of Australia member. We have massage therpay for similar conditions if you need Camperdown massage, Glebe massage, Forrest Lodge massage, Newtown massage, Darlington massage, Redfern massage, Ultimo massage, Broadway massage, Chippendale massage and Sydney University massage. We have qualified massage therapists who are registered for remedial massage, pregnancy massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, muscle energy technique, myofascial release as well as trigger point therapy.