About Us

We are a passion project born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. A father and daughter put their heads together for something fun and educational for other kids. If you are light at heart and deep in mind then you’ll help us help others by buying a t-shirt for yourself or maybe as someone’s birthday present.

Our T-shirts are made from organic cotton grown without genetic modified seeds or synthetic fertilisers. The inks are eco-friendly as they are water based and don’t contain PVC or phalates.

The fabric is made in Australia, the T-shirts are cut and sewn together in Australia, the screen printing is done in Australian with Australian inks. It is sweatshop free and slavery free. We are Australian owned.

We want you to have a better choice and the benefit of that is for us to give profits to HART Australia, the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust Australia which often helps children in slavery situations in Asia. It was founded by Baroness Cox, the former Deputy Speaker at the House of Lords in UK. Help us to help others through worthwhile donations.

Conscious Clothing for the light at heart and deep in mind