Apparel for the light at heart and deep in mind

Organic clothing made and printed in Australia

Conscious Consumption

We changed the world, it was pristine and balanced but slowly humans changed it. We broke away from natural systems and at an ever increasing pace, we pushed the world so the people, animals and plants are unhealthy. We want to give you a better choice, no chemicals used on our cotton, no sweatshops, no slavery. We have better quality garments so they don't suddenly wear out after the first few wears or get distorted in the wash.

Organic Cotton and eco friendly inks

Our T-shirts are made from organic cotton grown without genetic modified seeds or synthetic fertilisers. The inks are eco-friendly as they are water based and don't contain PVC or phalates.

Australian Made and Owned

The fabric is made in Australia, the T-shirts are cut and sewn together in Australia, the screen printing is done in Australian with Australian inks. It is sweatshop free and slavery free. We are Australian owned.

Profits to Charity

We want you to have a better choice and the benefit of that is for us to give profits to HART Australia, the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust Australia which often helps children in slavery situations in Asia. Help us to help others through worthwhile donations.

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Happy customers

Sam Martins


I like the cotton, it's soft and you can feel the quality. The designs are good, almost hard to choose from but I like the AC/DC Angus Young crocodile on the icons one.

I am really happy to find such an environmentally conscious  brand with fun designs my nephew and niece love. They gave a couple as presents too so their friends feel part of the gang.

Jesse Parker



About Us

We are a passion project born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. A father and daughter put their heads together for something fun and educational for other kids. If you are light at heart and deep in mind then you'll help us help others by buying a t-shirt for yourself or maybe as someone's birthday present.



What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO SLAVERY OR SWEATSHOPS involved with the production of our garments.


How do I wash the T-shirt?

Machine wash cold, line dry. Non chlorine bleach when needed. Do not dry clean. Wash with like colours. Do not iron the print. Tumble dry will shrink the material.

When will we get more stock?

We have minimum threasholds for printing new T-shirts so if we have run out of your size then please email us and we can see about when your desired T-shirt will be restocked.

Do we make custom diles T-shirts?

If your order is big enough we can consider a custom job. We can also look at a joint venture for a particular series.

What if I choose the wrong size?

Please choose carefully, we have a size guide for each size so you can check with your existing T-shirts. If you wish to exchange the shirt must be in original condition and you will pay postage. Please email us regarding the change of size.

Do the T-shirts shrink?

Our shirts have minimal shrinkage. If you tumble dry it will shrink.

Can you use our designs or concepts for your own graphics or printing?

No you can not use or copy our design or concepts as they are all protected by copyright.

When did we start selling the T-shirts?

We started selling our T-shirts in 2021. We started the concepts and designs in 2020 and then finding a suitable partner for printing took time before we got our production done.

Who is the charity we donate to?

We donate a portion of the profits to HART Australia, Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust Australia. It was started by Baroness Cox and has seen great results in Asia and other parts of the world where slavery and oppression can occur.